Vases and Vessels

Full of character and charm, brass vessels are perfect for both organic, everyday floral arrangements and elaborate, garden-inspired centerpieces. Perfect for DIY-ers or handing off to your trusted florist! Mix and match different styles and shapes to achieve a variety of looks from modern to bohemian to rustic. Brass vessels can also be used as champagne or ice buckets!

Our collection of vases/vessels range in size from small to large. No two vessels in our collection are the same! Representative styles include urn, trophy, fluted, pedestal, footed bowl, long narrow windowsill planter, squatty round and many others. All vessels have varying finishes like tarnished patina, shiny gold, etching, hammered design, etc.

Small to Medium vases/vessels – Quantity available: 25+
Large vases/vessels – Quantity available: 20+

Price: $4-8 per vessel